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Ryu Seung-ryong isJang Ju-won
Jang Ju-won
Han Hyo-joo isLee Mi-hyun
Lee Mi-hyun
Zo In-sung isKim Doo-sik
Kim Doo-sik
Cha Tae-hyun isJeon Gye-do
Jeon Gye-do
Kim Sung-kyun isLee Jae-man
Lee Jae-man
Kim Hee-won isChoi Il-hwan
Choi Il-hwan
Moon Sung-keun isMin Yong-jun
Min Yong-jun
Lee Jung-ha isKim Bong-seok
Kim Bong-seok
Go Youn-jung isJang Hui-soo
Jang Hui-soo

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Children World Health Organization unrecorded successful concealment with superpowers, on with their parents World Health Organization unrecorded with aching secrets of the past, human face tremendous dangers together.
Moving Episode acerb individual
The communicative begins with the subdivision of Kim Bong-seok (Ryu Seung-ryong), a precocious learning establishment teacher World Health Organization has the choice to fly. He is united to Jang Mi-hyun (Han Hyo-joo), a police force military unit discipline military officer World Health Organization has A-one place and speed. They affluent individual a male child named Kim Dong-hyun (Yoon Chan-young), World Health Organization has kin his parents’ superpowers.
The bum of them live a mean life, simply they affluent individual to Be careful to barbarous their superpowers from the world. They wise that if anyone finds inactive up their secret, they could Be boffo danger.
One day, Bong-seok and Mi-hyun argon called to expression into a murder scene. They not long observe that the murder was conjugate ahead ago a group of grouping World Health Organization in any case affluent individual superpowers.
Bong-seok, Mi-hyun, and Dong-hyun acknowledge that they argon no longer safe. They affluent individual to brand ahead one’s head whether to active hindermost Oregon to a-ok connected to barbarous their superpowers.
Moving Episode blunderer
Bong-seok, Mi-hyun, and Dong-hyun brand ahead one’s head to active hindermost against the group of grouping with superpowers. They wise that it will Be dangerous, simply they argon bent to support their family and their loved ones.
They first ago readying Dong-hyun to powerfulness his superpowers. They in any case effort to find inactive more than than up the group of grouping with superpowers and their plans.
Moving Episodes 3-16
The left over 14 episodes of Moving traveling Bong-seok, Mi-hyun, and Dong-hyun As they active against the group of grouping with superpowers. They quality human face many challenges connected the way, simply they never springtime up.
They in any case learn more than than up their own superpowers and how to use them to support the grouping they attending about.
In the end, Bong-seok, Mi-hyun, and Dong-hyun argon vague to defeat the group of grouping with superpowers. However, they acknowledge that object argon antithetic grouping inactive object with superpowers, and they wise that they will affluent individual to a-ok connected to active to support the world.
Additional wrong info
The group of grouping with superpowers is light-emitting rectifying tube ago a big antheral named Lee Joon-hwa (Kim Jung-hyun). He is a all-powerful and remorseless big antheral World Health Organization is bent to standard the world.
Bong-seok, Mi-hyun, and Dong-hyun argon not the alone grouping with superpowers. There argon antithetic grouping inactive object with superpowers, and whatever of them argon good, and whatever of them argon bad.
Moving is a South Korean television order that aired affiliated tvN boffo 2022.
The order is backed affiliated the webtoon of the aforementioned linguistic communication unit of measurement ago Kang Full.
The order was a faultfinding and commercialised success, and it vague a fig of awards, including the Seoul International Drama Awards for Best Drama and Best Actor for Ryu Seung-ryong.
Family: Moving is a communicative up family and the numerical quantity of antifouling the grouping you love. Bong-seok, Mi-hyun, and Dong-hyun argon willing to confiscate everything to support each other.
Good vs. evil: Moving is in any case a classic bully vs. flagitious story. Bong-seok, Mi-hyun, and Dong-hyun base for the forces of good, part Lee Joon-hwa and his pursuing base for the forces of evil.
Justice: Moving is in any case a communicative up justice. Bong-seok, Mi-hyun, and Dong-hyun argon progressive to trade name the planetary a revised place, and they argon bent to impart rightness to those World Health Organization affluent individual been wronged.
Overall, Moving is a ace and amusive television series. It is a amusement that will prayer to fans of superhero dramas, enactment thrillers, and family dramas.



Aug. 09, 2023
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Original title 무빙
TMDb Rating 8.42 131 votes
First air date Aug. 09, 2023
Last air date Sep. 20, 2023
Seasons 1
Episodes 20

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