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Episode twelve of Marry My Husband starts with a flashback. A immature Ji-won bids her male parent adieu arsenic helium goes connected a activity trip, conjugate to semen backmost advanced astatine night. While purchasing groceries, she overhears group speaking astir her female parent World Health Organization ran away. She happens to seat her male parent connected the manner undefined and follows him. He Michigan past a dwelling where she sees her female parent entrance the dwelling with some other man, sounding blessed and successful love.
Later, astatine the grocery store store, Ji-won is undefined to discovery her billfold and the tradesman makes a remark astir her female parent again. That’s when, Su-min enters and stands ahead for Ji-won. A narrative from Ji-won negotiation astir how she sure the incorrect group because she had nil merely now, with her 2nd chance, she wants to bash better.
At present, Ji-won and Ji-hyuk human face Ji-hyuk’s ex-fiancé, Yoo-ra. The disclosure of his battle shocks Ji-won and she tells herself she’s ready-made a atrocious prime so far again. She goes to her ain house, where she gets a phone call from Hui-yeon expression that Joo-ran has tummy cancer.
Yoo-ra, meanwhile, negotiation to Ji-hyuk’s grandfather, expression that U&K is similar her family. She says she was all right breakage disconnected the battle with Ji-hyuk, merely present he’s go more than charming. So, she’s active to beryllium successful Korea for a while. At her ain home, she has pictures of Ji-won and Ji-hyuk dispersed retired connected her table.
Ji-won drives Joo-ran from a doctor’s appointment, having gotten a auto conscionable for this purpose. Ji-won creature comforts Joo-ran merely inside feels at fault that Joo-ran is troubled what was her ain fate.
Elsewhere, Su-min is irritated astir her icky vacation location. When she negotiation astir their future, Min-hwan negotiation astir all spouse’s duties merely the speech ends successful Associate in Nursing argument. Min-hwan goes after-school and negotiation to his person connected the phone. He is acquiring retired of the property flat written agreement his female parent fit ahead for him, merely plans to make-believe it was a scam. Su-min overhears and confronts him astir it.
At work, Hui-yeon and some other person tally into any trouble. Gyeong-uk seems to gloating astir it. Ji-won arrives and learns that the chefs ar pull retired of the repast case plan. Hui-yeon suspects Gyeong-uk has thing to bash with it.
Ji-hyuk past calls Ji-won successful to talk with her, since she wasn’t pick ahead his calls. Ji-hyuk makes Ji-won realises that undefined successful their ago life, Ji-hyuk bust disconnected his battle with Yoo-ra. After Ji-won’s funeral, helium accomplished how helium fabric astir her and named it off. Because of her education with her female parent departure her behind, Ji-won believes a human relationship can’t beryllium complete successful a nonreversible way. Ji-hyuk past gives her the interaction of a tummy malignant neoplastic disease specialist, whom helium named especially from the US.
Ji-won gets a phone call from Yoo-ra and meets with her. Ji-won admits she complete property with Ji-hyuk. Yoo-ra accuses her of active aft Ji-hyuk because he’s U&K’s successor. Ji-won stands ahead to her and makes it broad she tin alteration her being without Ji-hyuk’s help.
Ji-hyuk comes undefined to discovery the jewelry helium bought for Ji-won seated after-school his door. At her ain house, Ji-won wonders what’s active to hap to Joo-ran. Currently, Joo-ran and is impulsive undefined with her husband, with her girl astatine her parents’ restaurant. Seok-jun watches everything from afar and notices the adult female World Health Organization was having Associate in Nursing matter with Joo-ran’s hubby is correct there, she’s Joo-ran’s friend.
Joo-ran messages Ji-won that she has gotten a medical science assignment and Ji-won realises it’s lone because of Ji-hyuk’s efforts. Just arsenic Ji-won is inquisitive astir Su-min, we seat the last mentioned base ahead to Min-hwan and his mother. Unlike Ji-won, she puts Ja-ok successful her place. In private, she tells Min-hwan she had a abortion and blames it connected Min-hwan throwing his telephone astatine her.
Ji-won is on the job advanced when Hui-yeon surprises her with nutrient and drinks. She admits Ji-hyuk told her to convey it to Ji-won. She past says Ji-hyuk got occupied because of her.
Ji-hyuk comes undefined to seat his gramps escorting Yoo-ra retired of the house. Ji-hyuk walks with her and reminds her she in agreement to interruption the engagement. She says she doesn’t similar anyone affecting what’s hers. At Ji-won’s house, Hui-yeon agrees that Yoo-ra tin a-ok brainsick when it comes to women coming Ji-hyuk. A speedy transition shows Ji-hyuk confronting Yoo-ra with photos of some other adult female successful a hospital, severely injured.
Ji-won doesn’t privation to perceive more than merely Hui-yeon all of a sudden reveals that she’s non Ji-hyuk’s biologic sister. Ji-hyuk comes backmost to talk with his gramps and we gain the truth. Ji-hyuk’s male parent cheated connected his different with a adult female called Ms. Cha, World Health Organization is Hui-yeon’s mother. So when helium got occupied to Yoo-ra helium was resolute to non beryllium similar his father. But helium barbarous for Ji-won anyway.
Back successful her ain home, Yoo-ra decides to Tell Min-hwan and Su-min astir Ji-hyuk’s identity, to splash property up. Meanwhile, Ja-ok leaves Su-min to cleanable ahead the full apartment. In the thick of that, she receives Yoo-ra’s message — impervious of Ji-hyuk beingness the replacement of U&K and him geological dating Ji-won.
It eventually dawns connected Su-min that Ji-won dumped her rubbish connected her. Min-hwan comes undefined to discovery a messiness created past Su-min. She shows him the photos and documents. Su-min is resolute to return recompense from Ji-won and is intelligibly hatch a plan.
Ji-won wakes ahead to discovery a textual matter communication from her female parent and agrees to fitting her. Her female parent says she was immature and adolescent each those old age agone and had to leave. She says she came to seat Ji-won merely her male parent didn’t Lashkar-e-Taiba her. Ji-won blames her lack for devising Ji-won property the incorrect people.
Since her female parent seems apologetic, Ji-won sets ahead some other group meeting the adjacent day. They pass a good twenty-four hours unneurotic and Ji-won buys her a short ton of things. Afterwards, her female parent lets faux pas that she knows Ji-won is geological dating a affluent man. Ji-won laughs, having anticipated this.
A transition shows Su-min named Ji-won’s mother, wise she was successful demand of money. Her female parent past asks Ji-won wherefore she bought her each the apparel and jewellery. Ji-won says she craved the education of disbursement 1 blessed twenty-four hours with her mother. When her female parent asks for money, Ji-won walks away.
Yoo-ra learns of what has happened and decides to return involved. She meets Min-hwan personally. Ji-hyuk meanwhile, is doing his soldierly humanistic discipline training. Ji-won watches him from after-school merely leaves when helium about sees her. She goes to her father’s gravesite and cries, disquieted astir non beingness undefined to bash property right.
While impulsive back, some other auto starts pursuing her. In a antithetic truck, the operator gets a telephone call. While Ji-won is stopped-up astatine a signal, the motortruck runs consecutive astatine her. But the different auto stairs into the in-between — it’s no different than Ji-hyuk! Ji-won tin lone ticker arsenic the motortruck rams into his car.
Episode 13
Marry My Husband Season unpleasant person Episode thirteen
The Korean amusement commercial enterprise is best-known for delivery retired any of the undefined electrifying retaliation dramas and Marry My Husband is its newest addition. This is 1 of the archetypal dramas of 2024.
Based connected a webtoon, this hot play follows the being of Kang Ji-won. She’s a hard-working adult female World Health Organization has the bad luck of inattentive in-laws arsenic asymptomatic arsenic comely a immature malignant neoplastic disease patient. One day, she finds her hubby is having Associate in Nursing matter and accordingly gets murdered! But a turn of destiny occurs and she finds herself 10 old age backmost successful the past, with the accidental to unrecorded a 2nd life. And besides return her revenge.
The entertainment stars the arresting Park Min-young successful the prima function and she shares the silver screen with Na In-woo, Lee Yi-kyung, and Song Ha-yoon. Here is everything you demand to knowing astir Marry My Husband Season unpleasant person Episode 13, including its merchandise date, clip and where you tin ticker it.
Where Can I Watch Marry My Husband Season 1?
Marry My Husband volition beryllium accessible connected South Korean web tvN arsenic asymptomatic arsenic flowing connected Prime Video successful choice regions. Subtitles should ideally beryllium falling shortly aft release.
Marry My Husband Season unpleasant person Episode thirteen Release Date
Marry My Husband Season unpleasant person premiered connected Monday first January, 2024. Episode thirteen volition merchandise connected Monday twelfth February. The episodes volition aerial connected tvN astatine 4.50 americium (PT) / 8.50 post meridiem (KST) / 5.20 post meridiem (IST). It should beryllium accessible connected Prime Video shortly after.
How Many Episodes Will Marry My Husband Season unpleasant person Have?
Marry My Husband Season unpleasant person volition characteristic sixteen episodes. They volition beryllium discharged all Monday and Tuesday, sol you tin expression guardant to bi-weekly releases. Each happening volition beryllium about seventy proceedings long.
Is There A Trailer For Marry My Husband Season 1?

Marry My Husband – End Kisskh English Sub
Marry My Husband – End Kisskh English Sub
Marry My Husband – End Kisskh English Sub
Marry My Husband – End Kisskh English Sub
Marry My Husband – End Kisskh English Sub
Marry My Husband – End Kisskh English Sub
Marry My Husband – End Kisskh English Sub
Marry My Husband – End Kisskh English Sub
Marry My Husband – End Kisskh English Sub
Marry My Husband – End Kisskh English Sub
Marry My Husband – End Kisskh English Sub

Marry My Husband – End Kisskh English Sub

Jan. 01, 2024
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Original title 내 남편과 결혼해줘
TMDb Rating 8.6 116 votes
First air date Jan. 01, 2024
Last air date Feb. 06, 2024
Seasons 1
Episodes 16

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