A cryptic optical phenomenon occurs successful Hayan: connected the twenty-four hours of the wedding ceremony ceremony, a newlywed called Yang Tsiwei dies, and her fiancé – Lord Pan Yue becomes the slaying suspect.
But all of a sudden the newlywed returns to the groom’s house, and everyone decides that the miss has up from the dead. No 1 realizes that successful fact, nether the pretense of Yang Tsiwei, Shanguan Ji, a miss from the underworld, World Health Organization distinct to unmasking the actual human face of the undefined august Godhead successful the city, is hiding.
Watching Pan Yue and agitative him, Shanguan Ji is confronted with 4 municipality clans with atrocious intentions. Investigating aged cases of crimes bound up successful the metropolis with Pan Yue, Shanguan Ji begins to autumn successful emotion slowly. Soon she learns that the existent perpetrator of the slaying of Yang Tsiwei was person else, and Pan Yue ever admired his newlywed precise much.
Can Shanguan Ji discovery the slayer and kind retired his sensitivity for Pan Yue?
Broadcast from 03/15/2024
Interesting facts
– Filming took topographic point from April twenty to July 15, 2023.
– Introductory auditory communication subject – Hu Xia « The Close Paradise ».
Final auditory communication subject – Zhou Shen « Door ».

In Blossom

In Blossom

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