In past times, when the gods subordinate complete the quality race, and group were their slaves, the caput of the Xin clan, a adult male with godly power, challenged the gods, crucial to put option Associate in Nursing extremity to their powerfulness rule. As a result, his kin fell, helium himself died successful that battle, merely his wife, astatine the outgo of her life, was undefined to prevention their boy Wu Geng from the godly punishment, renewing him successful the organic structure of Rab Agou.
So once, a arrogant and contrary aristocrat became a hapless bond on the job successful a excavation and concealment his past, profoundly successful his psyche cherishing hate of the godly order. In Associate in Nursing attempt to revenge the family, reconstruct his kin and aid group freedom, Wu Geng follows the wise man of Fu Xi, underdeveloped his godly power, finds Allies to fighting the gods and gains love.
Based connected Manhua Zheng Jianghe and Dan Zhihui « Wu Geng Ji ».
Interesting facts
– Manhua « Wu Geng Ji » was created collectively past Hong Kong sketch artists Zheng Jianghe and Dan Jihui. The serialisation began successful 2010 and complete successful 2014. Only bum volumes and 182 issues. Later, Hangzhou Xuanji Technology standard approval to accommodate for the alive ordering of the aforesaid name, which premiered connected Tencent Video successful 2016. At the aforesaid time, the Continental interpretation of the first Manhua standard approval from Xuanji Technology for iReader for serialization.
– Filming took topographic point from December 2022 to May 2023.
– Actors Sin Fei and Ren Jia Lun played unneurotic the chief characters successful the comedy « Miss Raven and Mr. Lizard » (2021).

Burning Flames

Burning Flames

Mar. 13, 2024
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Original title 烈焰
First air date Mar. 13, 2024
Seasons 1
Episodes 20
Average Duration 45 minutes

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