Zhang Yuxi isSong Yao
Song Yao
Wang Ziqi isQin Hao
Qin Hao


According to legend, location is a individual successful the rivers and lakes World Health Organization makes the affluent and scumbags bend their faces. She specializes successful rectifying the scumbags and ne’er fails. This miss is called Song Yao. All this depends connected the phantasy scheme she has-attracting affluent people. Any affluent adult male deserving hundreds of millions volition autumn successful emotion with her overwhelmingly arsenic agelong arsenic helium looks astatine her. However, nary substance how almighty the scheme is, location volition beryllium a twenty-four hours when it encounters Waterloo: Song Yao’s brace of charming electrical opinion really failing successful the Chengtian Group’s aristocrat “Ji Chengchuan”. But Song Yao didn’t know, it was each because the aristocrat successful advance of him was a imitative – the prevaricator Qin Hao. In this way, 2 playwrights with their ain minds met, bound to beginning a fighting similar Mr. and Mrs. Smith. When a trench-sucking miss bumps into a prevaricator boy, World Health Organization tin overreach them. And down Song Yao’s being experience, what secrets ar hidden?

Guess Who I Am

Guess Who I Am

Mar. 22, 2024
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Original title 猜猜我是谁
First air date Mar. 22, 2024
Seasons 1
Episodes 14

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