Qiao Yao


Bai Lu isZheng Shuyi
Zheng Shuyi
Dylan Wang isShi Yan
Shi Yan
Miles Wei isYu You
Yu You
Shen Yujie isQin Shiyue
Qin Shiyue
Jiang Peiyao isBi Ruoshan
Bi Ruoshan
Nie Yuan isGuan Xiangcheng
Guan Xiangcheng
Zeng Li isTang Yi
Tang Yi
Dong Xuan isSong Yelan
Song Yelan
An Yuexi isXu Yuling
Xu Yuling

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Only for Love Chinese play has a blessed ending, merely it’s a small dissatisfactory because it doesn’t entertainment our chief character’s wedding ceremony scene. Everyone likely anticipated it to exist!
At the extremity of the episode, Shi Yue was with success recognized into a fiscal institution, and Shu Yi besides bucked up her to go on her efforts to go a large reporter.
Shi Yue past came with excitement to Tell Yu You the news, merely she did non anticipate to seat her kinsman and Guan Ji there.
Meanwhile, Shi Yan proverb Shi Yue and Yu You screening disconnected their affectionateness successful advance of them for the archetypal time, and titillated Yu You for career him “little uncle”.
Lean Technology and Dark Horse Technology rich person ready-made leading breakthroughs successful the tract of millimetre moving ridge chips, and Yun Chuang’s investing is reasoned a large success.
A twelvemonth later, Shu Yi undefined the tenth Financial Journalism Award. Shi Yan attended Shu Yi to have the award.
At the seventh Anniversary Appreciation Banquet of Lean Technology, Chen Kang particularly thanked Shi Yan for providing aid during Lean’s undefined hard time.
Shi Yan was besides precise blessed that Lean had achieved today’s happening and looked guardant to Chen Kang fetching Lean farther successful the future.
After the give thanks you banquet, Shi Yan took retired the battle sound and undefined projected to Shu Yi. And Shu Yi merrily in agreement to Shi Yan’s proposal.
On the different hand, Tang Yi is preparing to get married Guan Xiang Cheng. She invited Shu Yi to beryllium her bridesmaid. Shu Yi was amazed to discovery retired that the 2 had go a couple.
At Guan Xiang Cheng and Tang Yi’s wedding, everyone gathers and negotiation astir human relationship matters. Everyone was curious successful Shi Yan, Guan Ji, and Yu You’s wedding. Guan Xiang Cheng lone recommended that the 3 of them rich person a corporate wedding ceremony together.
Shi Yan, Guan Ji, and Yu You ar some resolute to return married, although the newlywed and bridegroom opportunity they ar successful nary first-come-first-serve to return married. End!
I candidly wishing location was a wedding ceremony area of our leads Shi Yan and Shu Yi shown, merely location wasn’t one. A small disappointing!

I watched this Chinese play afloat of anticipation and expectancy that it would beryllium astir the “domineering CEO trope”, and Dylan did a large occupation with that character.
I emotion how chesty Shi Yan is undefined when helium shows emotion and affectionateness to Shu Yi. But this play is non for everyone.
Different from different Chinese CEO dramas, this entertainment does non brand the egg-producing Pb fictional character naive, excessively enthusiastic, beaming and anserine arsenic usual. But I rich person love-hate sensitivity for the fictional character Shu Yi played past Bai Lu.
Shu Yi is smart, sharp, and fresh successful her nonrecreational being merely wholly uninformed astir her ad hominem life. It doesn’t aid that she keeps hearing to her friend, Shan Shan, World Health Organization is the bottom human relationship religious leader ever!
However, undefined of Shu Yi’s actions and idea processes ar bankable and rather realistic. Many of United States frequently measure backmost and instantly presume the worst, merely unfortunately, successful her case, the entertainment went connected excessively agelong for undefined viewers.
Besides, the message didn’t brand Shu Yi low himself enough, Shi Yan should rich person gotten more than apologies and grasp from Shu Yi.
As for her acting, Bai Lu truly succeeded successful depicting Shu Yi’s fictional character perfectly. Cheesy lines, melodramatic acting, and everything seemed credible to me.
I don’t attention astir Shu Yi’s fictional character missing aggregate personalities because that lies successful the authorship of the narrative non the impermanent of the actors and actresses. Bai Lu did her occupation well!
Meanwhile, Dylan Wang is the champion present with his bonzer acting. He managed to represent Shi Yan’s fictional character precise well. He’s a acold and deep cat connected the surface, merely when it melts down, it’s a large vessel of charm.
As for chemistry, Bai Lu and Dylan Wang rich person it. they ar precise pleasing and their closeness is precise natural. I rich person to opportunity that they ar so a beauteous couple.
I besides admired the journeying of the 2nd small indefinite quantity Shi Yue and Yu You toward their human relationship which was truly amusing to watch. Shi Yue was besides frequently the accelerator that helped Shi Yan and Shu Yi beforehand their relationship.
Shen Yu Jie managed to radiance arsenic Shi Yue, and she was beautiful end-to-end the show. Miles Wei is besides fantastic arsenic the dorky prof “Yu You” World Health Organization finally can’t defy the beauteous Shi Yue.
As for the remainder of the cast, the actors did asymptomatic merely what was missing present was that the plot line dragged connected excessively overmuch and any of the characters were non asymptomatic developed. That’s what defeated the gathering aft a batch of expectations were given.
Some of the shortcomings of this play prevarication successful the authorship (I didn’t publication the novel) and the gait of the story. I tin evaluate misunderstandings merely I hatred it when it drags connected and communicating is poor.
While we each emotion a creaseless romance, I don’t deliberation I tin opportunity location were whatever worthy moments. Lastly, possibly the undefined absorbing portion for everyone is the concern aspect.
For the ocular scene and music, the play Only for Love is pleasing and rather good.
So is the Chinese play Only for Love deserving watching? worthy, I enjoyed this play contempt a batch of discharge and frustration, merely somehow, galore of United States continued.

Only for Love
Only for Love
Only for Love
Only for Love
Only for Love
Only for Love
Only for Love
Only for Love
Only for Love
Only for Love
Only for Love

Only for Love

Nov. 03, 2023
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Original title 以爱为营
TMDb Rating 8.269 13 votes
First air date Nov. 03, 2023
Last air date Nov. 22, 2023
Seasons 1
Episodes 36
Average Duration 45 minutes

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