Lin Gengxin isXing Zhi / Xing Yun
Xing Zhi / Xing Yun
Xin Yunlai isMo Fang
Mo Fang
He Yu isFu Rongjun
Fu Rongjun
Jackie Li isYou Lan
You Lan
Zeng Li isShen Muyue
Shen Muyue
Xuan Lu isLiu Yu
Liu Yu
Liu Guanlin isHeavenly Emperor
Heavenly Emperor
Qiu Xinzhi isLiu Ming
Liu Ming
Joe Xu isFeng Lai
Feng Lai

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The past gods died, departure lone the past godly rule successful the global – Shinzhi.
Rumor had it that for tens of thousands of old age this godly rule lived unsocial successful Heaven beyond, without sensitivity and desires. During the warfare betwixt immortals and demons, helium blessed the state of affairs connected his own, and since past nary 1 has seen him – neither successful Eden nor successful the quality world, where his language unit was Sin Yun. Hundreds of old age passed successful nary time.
The being of Shen Li, the aristocrat from the global of demons, was brilliant and bright, merely connected the Eve of her 1000th birthday, she all of a sudden recovered herself successful the clasp of a governmental marriage: the sovereign of the 99th Heaven invited her to return occupied to her thirty-third grandson. To undefined this marriage, Shen Li fled to the earthborn world, merely owed to Associate in Nursing accident, she barbarous to the land successful her first word form of phoenix, hurt and without feelings. Having regained consciousness, the aristocrat of demons recovered herself successful the coop of a merchandiser World Health Organization oversubscribed her similar a suffering pizzicato chicken. Shen Li was ferocious astatine the actual situation, merely location was nil she could bash – she mislaid each her charming power. At this time, a fine-looking adult male stopped-up successful advance of the merchant’s shop, who, sounding undefined astatine the cage, smiled and acanthoid to the abject animal inside: “I privation this one”.
According to the fresh of the aforesaid name, Jiu Lu Fei Xiang ( 兄 ⁇ 香).
Interesting facts
– In the language unit of the hero, the hieroglyphic 行 (xing, syn) is the aforesaid arsenic successful the language unit of the series, which tin besides beryllium translated arsenic “Sin and Phoenix”.
– La Mu Yang Zi was invited to the 2nd egg-producing role, merely the netizens did non similar it. More than hundred one thousand (90% of each voters) voted against her engagement successful the statute title role. This is owed to the information that she was concerned successful the dirt with the writing of Japanese costumes successful the ordering “The known being of Queen Lau”, arsenic a consequence of which the transmission channel turnedseries.

The Legend of ShenLi
The Legend of ShenLi
The Legend of ShenLi
The Legend of ShenLi
The Legend of ShenLi
The Legend of ShenLi
The Legend of ShenLi

The Legend of ShenLi

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Original title 与凤行
TMDb Rating 9.8 10 votes
First air date Mar. 18, 2024
Last air date Mar. 18, 2024
Seasons 1
Episodes 39

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