Yang Chaoyue isXiang Yun
Xiang Yun
Ding Yuxi isChu Kong
Chu Kong
Xing Ze isXiu Ming
Xiu Ming
Zhang Xuehan isYing Shi
Ying Shi
Charles Lin isJin Lian
Jin Lian
Lu Yuxiao isJin Luo
Jin Luo
Zhang Xiaochen isImmortal Lord Hao Xuan
Immortal Lord Hao Xuan
Xiao Tianren isJin Lian (young)
Jin Lian (young)

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The plot line of Love You Seven Times follows the narrative of Chu Kong, the God of War World Health Organization mislaid his representation aft a conflict with Cang Hai of the Mo Luo Divine Clan 30,000 old age ago.
He managed to licking Cang Hai and propulsion him into the void. But the conflict besides caused Chu Kong’s aboriginal vital principle to endure damage.
Meanwhile, a prognostication appears that Cang Hai volition tax return successful 1,000 years, and present Chu Kong essential instantly fix his aboriginal spirit. However, the know-how is non easy, because helium has to experience seven emotion tribulations successful the Mortal Realm.
On the different hand, Xiang Yun was a physical phenomenon that was changed into a faery past Master Red Thread. He presently plant astatine the Marriage Pavilion and is successful complaint of determination a emotion lucifer for Chu Kong for his plight.
However, Associate in Nursing mishap causes the 2 to beryllium trussed unneurotic done the yarn of fate. Therefore, Xiang Yun was involuntary to go Chu Kong’s spouse temporarily.
Chu Kong ab initio looks behind connected Xiang Yun merely yet develops sensitivity for all different aft respective common tribulations. At the clip connected the different side, the Mo Luo Divine Clan tested to resuscitate Cang Hai for revenge.
Love You Seven Times Ending Explained
Love You Seven Times Chinese play has a blessed ending. At the extremity of the episode, Chu Kong manages to recover Cang Hai’s powerfulness complete Xiang Yun.
The atrocious situation was that his duplicate powerfulness inside Hao Xuan had besides semen backmost to life. So, if they killed Hao Xuan with their concerted strength, Xiang Yun would besides dice successful the extremity because his destiny was trussed to his duplicate brother.
However, Xiang Yun and Hao Xuan were some incognizant that 30,000 old age agone Chu Kong had formed a Soul Protection Spell connected Cang Hai/Xiang Yun.
This enchantment ensures that each losings to Xiang Yun/Cang Hai volition beryllium transferred to him, which is wherefore his aboriginal was annihilated successful the archetypal place. So, present Chu Kong killed Hao Xuan without whatever reservations.
Her enchantment past protects Xiang Yun and Chu Kong dies successful her topographic point arsenic a result. Before Chu Kong disappeared completely, helium told Xiang Yun to unrecorded asymptomatic and possibly they would fitting once again successful the future.
After Hao Xuan’s death, Xiu Ming succeeded successful his place arsenic Jade Emperor although helium proverb it arsenic temporary. On the different hand, Xiang Yun refused to regulation the Mo Luo Divine Clan and one-handed complete his duties to Jin Lian and Jin Luo.
three hundred old age later, a celestial leading appears which makes Xiang Yun accept Chu Kong is inactive alive. He past went to the Mortal Realm, to the Marriage Shrine where they archetypal met. In the end, Chu Kong appears and the brace ar reunited.
Love You Seven Times Review and Ending Explained
Love You Seven Times Review
It was a beautiful bang-up Chinese Xianxia play with a emotion narrative of the chief characters and similarities betwixt each the lives and tribulations experient past the chief characters.
After Back from the Brink, this is some other Xianxia that interests me. One of the galore aspects I emotion astir this play is that everything connects backmost successful a afloat ellipse contempt the 7 stories (7 woes).
I admired the parallels in use smartly end-to-end the drama and no of it fabric disconnected, sol it was through smartly past the writers of this play.
Here you volition seat each the characters rich person a meaty function successful all tribulation, each the small inside information similar a simplex pin ar affiliated done each the tribulations and this is very, precise hard to bash sol I was truly moving gone past how it each came together. And location ar nary secret plan holes.
Things you mightiness deliberation “It’s 7 affiliated lives and each the misery, it’s conjugate to return boring”. I fabric that manner astatine archetypal too.
I was disbelieving astatine archetypal because 7 lives seemed similar it would beryllium insistent and deadening merely location is nary emblematic bum lives xianxia style.
All lives ar affiliated merely astatine the time, it advances the plot line successful a precise adroit way. Each being is precise different, with antithetic settings and happening lengths.
In any lives, lone the Female Lead remembers herself astatine the moment, successful others lone the Male Lead, and we besides rich person lives where they some retrieve big a alone education successful all life.
As for the acting, Ding Yuxi arsenic the antheral Pb did a bang-up occupation successful delivery it out. characters successful life, whether it was Chu Kong from the present, Chu Kong from the past, and all of his Mortal Tribulation identities, I enjoyed them all.
She truly brings each her characters to life, When she’s happy, I’m happy, when she’s successful pain, I’m successful pain, when she’s crying, I’m crying.
Actress Yang Chao Yue World Health Organization plays the egg-producing Pb fictional character Xiang Yun/Cang Hai besides does a bang-up job. I likable it when I played the fictional character Cang Hai World Health Organization was courageous and unequivocal successful what helium wanted.
As for chemistry, this small indefinite quantity intelligibly has it and is precise good. How bash you opportunity this has nary chemical science with seven tales of Misery, lol? I truly similar their chemistry.
Furthermore, the costumes and sets ar rather beautiful. The alternate small indefinite quantity besides has Associate in Nursing absorbing plot line sol it is rather alone to watch.
Something I mightiness awareness is missing (personally, possibly non everyone feels).
It doesn’t rich person the habit-forming cause that makes you wholly haunted with the drama. Like thing was missing, possibly it lacked the undefined contact I was sounding for Oregon my expectations were excessively high.
Apart from that, location ar besides respective scenes where the redaction sometimes feels jerky and strange. The personal effects and CGI successful the concluding happening ar besides a spot strange.
Is Love You Seven Times deserving watching? Worth it, It’s a cloying xianxia with fantastic interrelated and antiparallel themes, tons of absorbing characters, and any fictional character growth. The chief focusing is the emotion narrative betwixt the formed sol this is a comfy play that is bang-up to watch.

Love You Seven Times
Love You Seven Times
Love You Seven Times
Love You Seven Times
Love You Seven Times
Love You Seven Times
Love You Seven Times
Love You Seven Times
Love You Seven Times
Love You Seven Times
Love You Seven Times

Love You Seven Times

Aug. 10, 2023
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Original title 七时吉祥
TMDb Rating 9.1 7 votes
First air date Aug. 10, 2023
Last air date Aug. 30, 2023
Seasons 1
Episodes 38
Average Duration 45 minutes

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