Im Soo-hyang isPark Do-ra
Park Do-ra
Ji Hyun-woo isKo Pil-seung
Ko Pil-seung
Go Yoon isGong Jin-dan
Gong Jin-dan
Cha Hwa-yeon isBaek Mi-ja
Baek Mi-ja
Park Sang-won isGong Jin-taek
Gong Jin-taek
Lee Il-hwa isJang Su-yeon
Jang Su-yeon
Jeong Jae-soon isGong Dae-sook
Gong Dae-sook
Im Ye-jin isSo Geum-ja
So Geum-ja
Lee Du-il isKo Hyun-cheol
Ko Hyun-cheol


Park Do Ra is a bright, courageous adult female with a ambitious attribute World Health Organization became a apical actor because her mother, Park Mi Ja, aforesaid it was the lone manner to flight poverty. After earning celebrity and luck arsenic a apical star, each Do Ra wants to bash is remainder and bask her riches, merely her female parent keeps causation trouble. Mi Ja ever adorns herself successful luxury, undefined more than than whatever apical star, acknowledgment to Do Ra’s success. However, Mi Ja wants more. Do Ra can’t grip her binding agenda owed to Mi Ja’s desires and wants to discontinue her brand-new play “Straightforward Romance,” merely she can’t because she met her archetypal love, Go Pil Seung, the adjunct director. Pil Seung is ablaze astir his occupation merely tries to leave of absence “Straightforward Romance” because of Do Ra, World Health Organization was precise peculiar to him when helium was young. Unfortunately, Associate in Nursing different duty assignment to entirely Pb her perianth successful his lap. Will Do Ra discovery her felicity past escaping her mother’s ceaseless desires?

Broadcast from 03/09/2024 on Saturdays and Sundays.

[EP6] Beauty and Mr. Romantic
[EP6] Beauty and Mr. Romantic
[EP6] Beauty and Mr. Romantic
[EP6] Beauty and Mr. Romantic
[EP6] Beauty and Mr. Romantic
[EP6] Beauty and Mr. Romantic
[EP6] Beauty and Mr. Romantic

[EP6] Beauty and Mr. Romantic

Mar. 23, 2024
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Original title 미녀와 순정남
First air date Mar. 23, 2024
Last air date Mar. 23, 2024
Seasons 1
Episodes 50

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