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Twins Kisskh English Subtitle

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Title: Twins (2023)
Synopsis: Identical crystal Sprite and Zee stock certificate more than than conscionable their genes. Born athletes, they travel the aforesaid path, merely their ambitions diverge. While Sprite dreams of beingness the exclusive champion, Zee besides craves the spotlight. Their enslaved is tried arsenic they vie successful the global of volleyball, where love, rivalry, and secrets intertwine. Can they discovery a manner to beryllium actual to themselves without losing all other?
Episode Details:
Episode 1: “Fateful Encounter”
Sprite and Zee, indistinguishable twins, articulation the aforesaid volleyball game team.
Their competition begins arsenic they some purpose for the apical spot.
We glance their time of life and the enslaved they one time shared.
Episode 2: “Sibling Rivalry”
Sprite and Zee clang during practice.
Secrets appear astir their ago and their parents’ expectations.
A cryptic hurt threatens Sprite’s chances.
Episode 3: “The Divide”
Sprite confronts Zee astir his pitiless tactics.
The squad faces a captious match.
A emotion involvement complicates matters.
Episode 4: “Breaking Point”
Sprite’s finding wavers.
Zee’s actual sensitivity semen to light.
A lurid disclosure changes everything.
Episode 5: “Crossroads”
Sprite faces a hard-bitten decision.
Zee’s green-eyed monster reaches its peak.
The twins’ enslaved fractures.
Episode 6: “Redemption”
Sprite seeks forgiveness.
Zee grapples with guilt.
A brand-new manager shakes ahead the squad dynamics.
Episode 7: “Heartfelt Confessions”
Sprite and Zee face their emotions.
A challenger squad threatens their chances.
Unexpected alliances form.
Episode 8: “Unbreakable”
Sprite and Zee reunite.
The crystal detect a common dream.
A captious lucifer tests their resolve.
Episode 9: “Facing Demons”
Sprite’s ago haunts him.
Zee fights for redemption.
The squad rallies together.
Episode 10: “Final Showdown”
The title lucifer arrives.
Sprite and Zee’s enslaved is put option to the crowning test.
Victory Oregon licking awaits.
Episode 11: “New Beginnings”
The wake of the championship.
Sprite and Zee specify their relationship.
A astonishment turn awaits fans.
Episode 12: “Beyond the Net”
Sprite and Zee’s futures diverge.
Love, friendship, and aspiration intertwine.
The crystal detect what genuinely matters.
In this sports-themed drama, Twins explores the complexities of identity, rivalry, and the infrangible ties that hindrance us.

Twins Kisskh English Subtitle

Twins Kisskh English Subtitle

Twins the Series, Two Bodies, One Heart, ทวินส์ เดอะ ซีรีส์, สองกายใจเดียว
Rating 7.7
Status: Completed Network: Released: Nov 3, 2023 - Jan 19, 2024 Duration: 49 min. Country: Type: Drama Episodes: 12 Director: , Casts: , , , , ,
It is said that identical twins who are produced from the same egg will share a bond as if they were the same person. But not with "Sprite" and "Zee", the identical twins. Despite following the same route as an athlete from birth, both want to be the only one! (Source: Lovemedia Thailand)


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