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The Tale of Rose – Kisskh English Subtitle

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” Tale of Rose” (玫瑰故事), which is based on the novel “The Story of Rose” by Yi Shu:
Title: The Tale of Rose (玫瑰故事)
Genre: Slice of life, Romance, Drama
Country of Origin: Mainland China
Original Language: Mandarin
Number of Episodes: 40
Main Characters:
Huang Yimei (played by Liu Yifei): The central character whose journey is chronicled in the series.
Huang Zhen Hua (played by Tong Da Wei)
Fang Xie Wen (played by Lin Geng Xin)
Pu Jia Ming (played by Wallace Huo)
Synopsis: Huang Yimei, born into an educated family, grows up in a safe environment. She displays artistic talent from a young age. As she enters the workforce, she becomes well-known and develops feelings for her coworker, Zhuang Guodong. However, they decide not to pursue a relationship. After graduating, she marries Fang Xiewen, a classmate from her senior year. Their paths diverge, leading to their eventual divorce. Huang Yimei starts her own business and evolves into a skilled artist1.
The drama promises a complex and tragic story of heartbreaks, love, and personal growth. Liu Yifei’s portrayal of Huang Yimei is sure to captivate viewers as she navigates life’s twists and turns

The Tale of Rose – Kisskh English Subtitle

The Tale of Rose – Kisskh English Subtitle

Full Bloom, The Story of Rose, Mei Gui Gu Shi, Mei Gui De Gu Shi, 玫瑰的故事, The Rose's Tale, 玫瑰故事
Rating 8.9
Status: Ongoing Network: , Released: Jun 08, 2024 Duration: 45 min. Country: Type: Drama Episodes: 38 Director: Casts: , , , , ,
Born in a scholarly family, Huang Yi Mei grew up carefully sheltered, like a flower in a greenhouse. From a young age, she showed her talents in the arts and thrived after entering the workplace. From there, she meets Zhuang Guo Dong and they fall in love. But due to fate, the two are ultimately separated by the pressures of life. After undergoing this tumultuous period of both work and heartbreak, Huang Yi Mei grows and slowly understands the path she wants to take in life. Deciding to further her education, she goes back to school. After graduating, she marries her college classmate, Fang Xie Wen. However, this marriage is unfortunately doomed to end as their careers lead them down vastly different roads. Eventually, the two choose to divorce. As Huang Yi Mei starts her own business within the field of art curation, she meets her soulmate, Pu Jia Ming. However, Pu Jia Ming is terminally ill and only has a few months left to live. The red string of love between them is ultimately cut short by death's scythe. Despite her grief and pain, Huang Yi Mei ultimately chooses to look forward to the future, living out her life in the fullest and most dazzling fashion. (Source: Chinese = Baike || Translation = MyDramaList) ~~ Adapted from the novel "The Story of Rose" (玫瑰的故事) by Yi Shu (亦舒).


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