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My Man Is Cupid – Kisskh English Subtitle

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South Korean drama series “My Man Is Cupid.” 🌟

Title: My Man Is Cupid (Korean: 내 남자는 큐피드)
Genre: Fantasy, Romantic comedy
Episodes: 16
Original Network: Amazon Prime Video
Release Dates: December 1, 2023, to January 20, 2024 (new episodes aired every Friday and Saturday)
Main Cast:
Jang Dong-yoon as Cheon Sang-hyuk
Nana as Oh Baek-ryun
Park Ki-woong as Seo Jae-hee
Supporting Cast:
Moon Ji-hoo as Dong-chil
Eom Se-ung as Dong-pal
Park Myung-hoon as Dong-gu
Gong Min-jeung as An Do-ra
Moon Ye-jin as Yoon Si-ah
Kwon Ah-reum as So-hee
Kim Do-ah as Jeong-ah
Nam Mi-jung as Ham Yeon-ja
Han So-hyun as Mi-ja
Seo Woo-jin as an elementary school student12.

Synopsis (in 500 words): Fairy Cheon Sang Hyuk, the long-standing owner of Sarangbang—a high-end Korean chain restaurant in Jongno, Seoul—falls in love after being accidentally shot by his own arrow. Meanwhile, Oh Baek-ryun, a woman who lost her soulmate due to this magical mishap, becomes entangled in the situation. As their paths cross, they navigate love, fate, and the whimsical world of Cupid. Expect a delightful blend of romance, fantasy, and comedy in “My Man Is Cupid”

My Man Is Cupid – Kisskh English Subtitle

My Man Is Cupid – Kisskh English Subtitle

My Boyfriend Is Cupid, Nae Namjaneun Kyupideu
Rating 7.9
Status: Completed Network: Released: Dec 1, 2023 - Jan 20, 2024 Duration: 1 hr. 2 min. Country: Type: Drama Episodes: 16 Director: , Casts: , , , , ,
Cheon Sang Hyuk is a charismatic fairy who easily makes women fall in love with him. 500 years ago, his wings were burned. To restore his wings, he went through 27 metamorphoses. On his 28th time, he gets involved with Oh Baek Ryun. Baek Ryun is a veterinarian, and she works at an animal clinic. She is a pretty woman. She has had many men fall in love with her because of her attractiveness. Whenever these men got into a romantic relationship with her, they always had a near-death experience and would then run away from her. Because of the bad luck, Baek Ryun is not dating anyone, but she badly wants to meet a man of fate. (Source: AsianWiki)


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