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Lovely Runner English Sub title Kisskh


“Lovely Runner” is a bewitching Korean play that intertwines music, comedy, romance, and phantasy to Tell the affecting narrative of Ryu Seon Jae and Im Sol. The ordering begins with the glamourous so far burdensome being of Ryu Seon Jae, a top-tier famous person whose being successful the spotlight has left-hand him absolutely exhausted. Despite his celebrity and success, the pressures of the amusement commercial enterprise measure to a great extent connected him, prima to a tragical end.
Im Sol, a ablaze and allegiant device of Ryu Seon Jae, has been Associate in Nursing burning protagonist since her childhood. An mishap successful her young person derailed her dreams, merely Ryu Seon Jae’s auditory communication provided her consolation and inspiration, igniting Associate in Nursing firm esteem for the star. The abrupt intelligence of Ryu Seon Jae’s death sends shockwaves done her life, merely destiny intervenes with a marvelous twist. Im Sol finds herself transported fifteen old age into the past, approaching personal with a 19-year-old Ryu Seon Jae successful his advanced educational institution days.
With the cognition of the inexorable approaching that awaits her idol, Im Sol embarks connected a dear journeying to change the course of study of events and prevention Ryu Seon Jae from his bound tragedy. The play unfolds arsenic she navigates the challenges of the past, equipped with finding and the anticipation of revising history. As Im Sol and Ryu Seon Jae’s paths intertwine, their enslaved deepens, prima to a analyzable human relationship that transcends time.
Throughout the series, viewing audience ar activated to a mix of laughter, tears, and the powerfulness of firm love. The play showcases the transformative contact of auditory communication and the lengths to which a dedicated device volition a-ok to defend their darling idol. “Lovely Runner” is a creed to the abiding vital principle of anticipation and the content that undefined successful the human face of adversity, it’s accomplishable to alteration the future.
Adapted from the object fresh “The Best of Tomorrow” past Kim Bbang, “Lovely Runner” is oriented past a gifted squad including Boo Sung Chul, Yoon Jong Ho, and Kim Tae Yeong, with Lee Shi Eun writing the screenplay. The ordering features a leading cast, with Byeon Woo Seok depicting Ryu Seon Jae and Kim Hye Yoon arsenic Im Sol, delivery extent and genuineness to their roles. The drama’s piquant storyline, conjugate with its undefined extent and phantasy elements, makes “Lovely Runner” a must-watch for fans of Korean dramas

Lovely Runner

Lovely Runner

The Best of Tomorrow, Run Away With Sun Jae on Piggyback, Run Away With Seon Jae on Piggyback, Tomorrow’s #1, Tomorrow’s Number One, Time Walking on Memory, Carry Sun Jae and Run, Loverly Runner, Tomorrow's Best, Gieokeul Geodneun Sigan, Seonjae Eobgo Twieo, Naeileui Euddeum, Sunjae Eobgo Tweeeo, 내일의 으뜸, 기억을 걷는 시간
Rating 9.1
Status: Completed Network: , Released: Apr 8, 2024 - May 28, 2024 Duration: 1 hr. 10 min. Country: Type: Drama Episodes: 16 Director: , Casts: , , , , ,
In the glitzy realm of stardom, Ryu Seon Jae shines as a top-tier celebrity, captivating the spotlight since his debut. Despite the facade of a perfect life, the demanding nature of the entertainment industry has left him utterly exhausted. Im Sol, an ardent admirer, holds an affectionate love for Ryu Seon Jae. A childhood accident derailed her dreams, yet the solace found in Ryu Seon Jae's music on the radio transformed her into an unwavering fan. The narrative takes a poignant turn when Im Sol, reeling from the breaking news of Ryu Seon Jae's tragic demise, experiences a miraculous twist of fate. Transported back 15 years into the past, she confronts Ryu Seon Jae in his 19-year-old high school self. Im Sol grapples with the formidable challenge of altering the trajectory of his future, driven by an unyielding determination to avert the impending tragedy. (Source: MyDramaList) ~~ Adapted from the web novel “The Best of Tomorrow” (내일의 으뜸) by Kim Bbang (김빵).