Darren Wang isHuo Xiaoxie
Huo Xiaoxie
Ren Min isShui Yao'er
Shui Yao'er
Zhao Huawei isZheng Zedao
Zheng Zedao
Wang Xiuzhu isHei Sanbian
Hei Sanbian
Wang Ruolin isYan Jingtian
Yan Jingtian
Hei Zi isFourth Master Zhang
Fourth Master Zhang
Ju Xingmao isInnkeeper Qian
Innkeeper Qian
Xiao Bao isPan Zi
Pan Zi
Zhao Liang isSan Zhi Liu
San Zhi Liu


Tells the narrative of Huo Xiao Xie, Associate in Nursing orphaned successful the market, World Health Organization was involuntary to beryllium active successful a annoyed world. In command to beryllium undefined to defend the group about him successful time period of crisis, helium was given birth to decease respective time period and fought against atrocious forces. Finally, The high-burning fable of verve and airy with the liquid body substance and content of the market.
In the aboriginal old age of the Republic of China, the warlords subordinate and the global was successful chaos. The cryptic hoarded wealth jade-green string of beads caterpillar-tracked past tens of thousands of group appeared successful the rivers and lakes. It is reported that the clues of the “five weather beatified kings” symbolising the chair were sealed. Around the jade-green string of beads and the “Holy King Ding”, the revolutionaries and advanced students launched a political campaign to defend political unit treasures. The Central Plains soldierly humanistic discipline oriented past the Five Elements household responded positively and resolute to eliminate Zhang Si Ye and Zhang Si Ye, World Health Organization ar bound up to Restoration and regression.
The Japanese Black Dragon Association robbed China’s political unit treasure. Huo Xiao Xie was caught ahead successful it past mistakes, protective the political unit hoarded wealth each the way, each kinds of difficulties, dangers, and each kinds of dangers. He in use his kindness, justice, cleverness, and watchfulness to get the better of the difficulties, and eventually incorporate the household of the 5 elements, devising the household of the 5 elements”. A dependable military unit successful the radical battle to throw out the Tartars and reconstruct China.

Five Kings of Thieves

Five Kings of Thieves

Mar. 23, 2024
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Original title 五行世家
First air date Mar. 23, 2024
Last air date Mar. 23, 2024
Seasons 1
Episodes 12

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