Flora Dai isZhou Jin
Zhou Jin
Aaron Deng isLu Yunkai
Lu Yunkai


During a wedding ceremony astatine sea, Zhou Myang perianth overboard the yacht. She is blessed past Mai Ke. After that, she learns that the decease of her parents is affiliated with her fiancé Lu Yun Kai. Zhou Myan unites with Mai Ke and swears retaliation connected Lu Yun Kai. Six old age later, Zhou Myan appears astatine a foundation feast arsenic the prima global designer, He Er Xin, and faces the former. Suspecting that He Ersign is Zhou Myan, Lu Yun Kai arranges a ordering of checks for her. This does non panic Zhou Myan, and she gets a occupation astatine My Heart, based past Lu Yun Kai. Over time, Zhou Myan learns that each these 6 years, Lu Yun Kai ne’er stopped-up inquisitory for her. Due to the unusual behaviour of Mai Ke and inordinate doggedness successful choosing agency for revenge, Zhou Myan begins to recognize that the mishap astatine her parents’ plaything mill is non sol simple…

Fall in Love Again

Fall in Love Again

Mar. 15, 2024
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Original title 再见已是白月光
First air date Mar. 15, 2024
Last air date Mar. 20, 2024
Seasons 1
Episodes 24

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