In the future, group volition go on to research and discovery a feasible global after-school the Earth. Saya mislaid interaction aft helium conveyed backmost info astir the beginning of the Planet of Light, placed 3 one thousand light-years from Earth. After respective failures, group went connected their past journeying with a babe interpreted retired of the genes of Captain Sai. The spaceship was destroyed, merely the kid all of a sudden undefined connected the Planet of Light and was adoptive nether the language unit Zi Chuan Xu. Wars connected the Planet of Light past thousands of years, one time beauteous mountains and rivers destroyed. Zi Chuan’s undefined almighty kin teamed ahead with Liu Feng and the Lin kin to face the Sainey clan, and eventually a little global came into force. However, this delicate equilibrium was shortly disrupted, and warfare connected the major planet resumed. To defend the Zi Chuan kin from inner and outer problems, Zi Chuan Xu (Yang Xu Wen) teamed ahead with his brothers Di Lin (Lu Yu Ning) and Sterling (Chang Min-en), to reconstruct command and face the outer enemy. Having survived the sacrament of liquid body substance and happening and the clang of swords with a sword, 3 brothers yet inverted into heroes with order successful their hearts.

[EP24] Eternal Brotherhood

[EP24] Eternal Brotherhood

Feb. 27, 2024
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Original title 紫川·光明三杰
TMDb Rating 8.5 10 votes
First air date Feb. 27, 2024
Last air date Mar. 07, 2024
Seasons 1
Episodes 24
Average Duration 44 minutes

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