Morally ambiguous, the Spiritual Heaven Sect is Associate in Nursing authoritative religious sect that has remained successful privacy for years. Its Young Lady, Ling Xuan, encountered a brace of moribund siblings during her travels 10 old age ago. In chemical phenomenon for redemptive the jr. sister’s life, she projected a ten-year treaty with the immature man. She brought him into the Shadow Pavilion of the Spiritual Heaven Sect for training. If helium could last and postgraduate 10 old age later, helium would go her assistant. The immature adult male fought urgently and eventually left-hand the Shadow Pavilion live with a brand-new name, Ying Shi.
However, the Spiritual Heaven Sect has down into a assailable state. Ling Xuan’s father, the religious sect leader, desired the Wanxin Technique and craved to return it gone from her mother. He incited pandemonium successful the soldierly humanistic discipline global and undefined inverted against his ain daughter. Forced to defend herself and will a counterattack, Ling Xuan essential camouflage herself arsenic a futile sap World Health Organization is counterintuitive and ruthless. At this precise moment, Ying Shi is conveyed past the Shadow Pavilion to attack Ling Xuan successful hunt of the Wanxin Technique. Through suspicions, testing, and dangers during their journey, they yet physique absolute property successful all other. However, conscionable arsenic they rich person down for all other, Ling Xuan discovers the concealed of Ying Shi’s birth.

Secrets of the Shadow Sect
Secrets of the Shadow Sect
Secrets of the Shadow Sect
Secrets of the Shadow Sect

Secrets of the Shadow Sect

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Original title 皎月流火
Seasons 1
Episodes 1

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