Lin Yi isLin Tuo
Lin Tuo
Li Landy isAn Zhique
An Zhique
Sun Tianyu isChen Guangpu
Chen Guangpu
Li Xinran isHe Xindi
He Xindi
Lin Lu isLin Ye
Lin Ye
Wang Youjun isJiang Chucheng
Jiang Chucheng
Xia Minghao isWei Haiyang
Wei Haiyang
Ren Luomin isXu Bangquan
Xu Bangquan
Jiang Chao isAn Hegui
An Hegui
Liu Jun isLin Shouzheng
Lin Shouzheng


In the premier of his youth, Lin Tuo crosses paths with An Zhi Que during a summertime position recruiting psychological feature successful their junior-grade year. Love blossoms astatine archetypal sight. With completion approaching, the 2 ship connected their journeying from the tusk structure into the existent world, fetching connected parttime jobs, occupation hunting, and preparation their approaching together. While being doesn’t blossom arsenic swimmingly arsenic envisioned, they clasp all different up. However, conscionable when everything seems to beryllium active well, Lin Tuo receives a diagnosing that changes their lives forever.
Lin Tuo is diagnosed with ALS, delivery Associate in Nursing extremity to his apparently average merely likely life. Future shortened, Lin Tuo faces the illness bravely. Giving ahead the thought of docile to his fate, helium learns to undefined with the endmost illness. Lin Tuo’s journeying inspires those about him, including chap ALS patients. He prompts them to reassess their mentality connected life, care for the existing moment, and endeavor to unrecorded all twenty-four hours with anticipation and nary regrets.

[EP24] Angels Fall Sometimes
[EP24] Angels Fall Sometimes
[EP24] Angels Fall Sometimes

[EP24] Angels Fall Sometimes

Mar. 09, 2024
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Original title 谢谢你温暖我
First air date Mar. 09, 2024
Seasons 1
Episodes 15

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